AR Glasses-My Experience Using Dream Glass Flow with Drone

AR Glasses-My Experience Using Dream Glass Flow with Drone

Jason Jason
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Hey guys, I just got my hands on the Dream Glass Flow AR glasses and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

I am a big fan of drone flying. I've tried out a few different gadgets to enhance my flying experience. The Dream Glass Flow was one of the interesting options I've tried. One thing I appreciated was how lightweight and comfortable the glasses were. It was easy to wear them for extended periods without feeling weighed down.

Hooking up the glasses with my drone was easy. Just follow the manual. BTW, I found the online manual to be really helpful. But the section on cloud gaming is still missing... Could you please update that? Thank you...

Dream Glass Flow AR glasses with drone


When I hooked up the glasses to my drone, the virtual screen displayed the flight footage crystal clear. It felt like I was right in the action, and controlling the drone was a breeze. No lag, no worries. Plus, the glasses let me keep an eye on my surroundings, which made me feel safer.

The picture quality was top-notch, and the screen was way bigger than the dinky controller display. It's like playing a video game but with real-life images.  Anyway, I felt that there is a lot of potential for this pair of glasses. For example, I could connect to an RC plane and have a realistic FOV dogfight, which I am going to try next month.

For improvements, I wonder if Dream Glass could provide a universal controller to do anything, flying drones, playing games, browsing Tiktok, etc..... The other thing that I have to say is the cable. You need to make the glasses truly wireless for MAX comfort. The screen size was roughly what the company said, but it is not as big as my Quest 2 VR screen. Well, Flow weighs only  59 grams, whiles Quest 2 is more than half a kilogram or something... For public wearing, Flow is the one. 

Overall, if you want to have a fun experience flying drones, Flow is the one for you. It's not a perfect toy. Besides, 5 years from now, we will definitely see more advanced AR glasses for outdoor activities. However, you don't need to wait for 5 years. Right now, I would give Flow 9 out of 10 for flying drones outside due to its small designcomfortable fit, crystal-clear display, and environment awareness thanks to the semi-transparent cover shade, making Flow a worthwhile option to consider.   

Oh, and the best part? I wouldn't need to drop cash on a dedicated drone VR/AR glass. Dream Glass Flow does it all. I already put the glass in the EAV bag inside my drone case, as it's become my go-to gadget for drone flying now. Peace out!

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