Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Augmented Reality?
Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of blending digital information with the real world. While you can enjoy the digital entertainment impressively, you will still have awareness of your surrounding and social connections. The Iron Man is the brand evangelist for augmented reality.
Who is Dreamworld AR?
Founded in 2016, Dreamworld AR is an industry leader in Augmented Reality. The company's previous AR headset, Dream Glass 4K, are the most shipped consumer AR headsets in 2020. Dreamworld AR set a new standard for what is remarkable yet affordable when it comes to Augmented Reality. Now the company is back with the new Dream Glass Lead, which are based on large number real user feedback and going to provide to the public a glimpse of the future.
I wear regular prescription glasses, can I still use Dream Glass Lead/Lead Pro?
Of course. Dream Glass Lead/Lead Pro has enough eye relief distance to work with people with and without correction glasses.
Is there anything special with Dream Glass's AR lens? Will I feel eye strain after watching the movie?
Dream Glass uses the advanced optical technology to protect your phone screen at meters away and employs over 10 layers of special optical coating to reduce glare and blue light, without any compromises in image quality. With Dream Glass Lead/Lead Pro, you will not feel eye strain even after long period of time of using. It is not only entertaining but also healthy and protective.
What's the difference between Dream Glass Lead and Dream Glass Lead Pro?
The Dream Glass Lead Pro has all the entertainment function of the regular Dream Glass Lead, but with more features in terms of developing and enterprise applications, such as 6DOF tracking and Unity SDK. It also have a more powerful processor for faster rendering and high demand tasks.
Does Dream Glass Lead/Lead Pro offer any warranty?
Yes, we do offer a 1-year term warranty. If you have any maintenance problems, feel free to contact us through the email address:, and we will help you to solve the problem in the first place. In the future, we’ll cooperate with the local distributors for an even more convenient service. Thanks for your support!
How big the battery? How long does it last with a full charge?
Both Dream Glass Lead and Lead pro have a battery of 5300 Mah and provide about 3.5 hours of continuous playing time, which is about the time of two movies or a satisfactory gaming session.
What are the audio options of Dream Glass Lead/Pro?
Both Devices have built speaker, 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, and also Bluetooth connection for your headphones or speakers.
What's the weight of Dream Glass Lead and Dream Glass Lead Pro?
Dream Glass Lead is 11.3 oz and Dream Glass Lead Pro is 11.6 oz. They are both much lighter than VR headsets. The devices are front-back weight balanced, with the battery in the back, providing the most most comfortable and stable fit.
What connector type does Dream Glass Lead/Lead Pro use?
Both devices uses the most updated Type C connectors.
I would like to become Distributor of Dream Glass Lead, How can I get into contact with you?
Thank you for your trust and we are glad that you like our product. Please send an email to for distribution .
I am from the Press and would like to cover Dream Glass Lead. What should I do?
Thank you for your coverage. Our Press kit is at the bottom of the main crowdfunding page, and you can directly download it. If you want more info or want to interview with our team, please send an email to