Watching 3D SBS Movies on Dream Glass = WOW!!

Watching 3D SBS Movies on Dream Glass = WOW!!

Jacob Smith Jacob Smith
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Hi all,  Imy turn to share some thoughts. I was asked to test the glasses' 3D video capabilities. Well, I gotta say, I'm impressed with what I've seen so far. 

 3D SBS with dream glass flow

Let's start with the fact that the dual-screen technology used in the Flow is really cool.  It's very natural and easy to follow, making it the perfect way to watch anything in 3D.  The side-by-side 3D videos projected on two different screens really give you the different 3D viewing experience. I tried to google some pictures to illustrate my point here. Simply put, the so-called 3D image you see on a flat screen or monitor is not real 3D. Real 3D occurs when each of your eyes see slightly different image as they look at the same object from slightly different angles.


Therefore, the real 3D SBS videos can only be viewed by wearing VR or AR glasses that provide each eye with one independent screen. In the real 3D videos that I saw on Flow, things were like popping out of the screen right at me. It's way better than I-max 3D or your regular 3D movie theater because it's the most realistic and eye-catching 3D experience out there, since it's so close to your eyes.... Plus, the picture quality is seriously top-notch with a 100-inch virtual screen and high resolution, making the whole experience even more breathtaking. 

But there is an issue with the 3D video content out there. While trying to convert some of my favorite movies to 3D SBS format, I found some interesting 3D video resources online. YouTube is a fantastic place to find sample 3D videos, and there are also some great 3D video sites out there with royalty-free videos like and where you can download 3D movies and TV shows for free. 


For 2D to 3D conversion,  I tried converting movies like The Avengers and The Lion King from 2D to 3D SBS format via several conversion softwares. The 3D video quality of a blockbuster movie was seriously mind-blowing if you get the right conversion softare. So if you're into massvie 3D conversion from regular 2D movies, PM me for software recommendation. I don't want to advertise any software here, since this post is about Dream Glass Flow.

The other thing I loved about using the Dream Glass Flow was how comfortable it was. I could switch up my position without any trouble, something that's not always possible in a theater. The speakers weren't anything to write home about, but at least I could plug in my own headphones with the 3.5mm jack. 


Anyway, I think the Dream Glass Flow is pretty good for 3D video viewing. If Dream Glass could help provide more 3D video content, it would have been perfect.  

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