Dream Glass Lead SE
Dream Glass Lead SE
Dream Glass Lead SE
Dream Glass Lead SE
Dream Glass Lead SE

Dream Glass

Dream Glass Lead SE

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Break free from phone or in-car screen limitations and immerse yourself in immersive entertainment with Lead SE AR glasses, stepping into a virtual 500-inch screen, offering a 6-meter equivalent experience, whether on-the-go or unwinding.

Experience enhanced visual clarity with Lead SE's dual-eye resolution of 1920*1080 and compatibility with multiple 3D video formats. Whether on a business trip or outdoor camping, you can enjoy a cinematic experience anytime, anywhere.

Unlock boundless entertainment possibilities with Lead SE's proprietary smart system, preloaded with a plethora of popular cloud-based video and gaming applications. Seamlessly immerse yourself in endless fun with just a simple wear, no matter where your journey takes you.

Enhance your aerial adventures with Lead SE, elevating your drone flying experience to new heights. Take in awe-inspiring vistas of mountains and seas effortlessly. Our team specializes in seamlessly integrating with the entire mainstream DJI drone series, enriching your outdoor escapades with thrilling and exhilarating flights with just a glance.

Lead SE AR glasses allow you to fully perceive your surroundings. Whether you're engrossed in cinematic experiences or capturing breathtaking vistas with drones, it ensures you observe and react to changes in your surroundings. Prioritize safety during outdoor adventures while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature with Lead SE AR glasses.

Ditch the bulky PCs and embrace streamlined outdoor productivity with Lead SE's smart AR glasses. Equipped with a full keyboard air mouse, effortlessly conduct video conferences, edit documents, and manage urgent tasks from anywhere. Embrace a smooth and efficient outdoor office experience with Lead SE.

With a robust 5500mAh large capacity battery, Lead SE AR glasses empower you to seamlessly transition between entertainment, drone flying, and office tasks. Designed to meet the demands of prolonged usage, Lead SE ensures you can bid farewell to battery anxiety and enjoy uninterrupted performance throughout your day.

Experience seamless operation with Lead SE's AR glasses, featuring an integrated ergonomic design that eliminates the hassle of cumbersome external wiring. Enjoy balanced weight distribution for effortless wear, allowing comfortable use for extended periods without fatigue. Benefit from the convenience of wireless connectivity, enhancing your AR experience.

Lead SE's head-mounted structure synchronously optimizes optical design, preserving ample eyewear space while delivering exceptional display performance. No need for custom lenses, allowing unrestricted enjoyment and shared use among the whole family with just one set of equipment.