Is Dream Glass Flow Legit?  Part 2 - The Travel Test

Is Dream Glass Flow Legit? Part 2 - The Travel Test

Jacob Smith Jacob Smith
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Hi all, this is the second product review for Dream Glass Flow.

As I mentioned in my last review, I would go on a trip with Dream Glass Flow. So this review will focus on Flow's performance during the trip. As someone complainted that my previous review was too long to read, OK, will make it short this time.


1. Public wear test at airport lobby

2. Shade vs No Shade outdoor performance

3. Why every airline should have installed a pair of Flow for every customer?

4. Cons & Pros during travel



1. Public wear

Sitting in the airport lobby, I wore the Dream Glass Flow for an hour surrounded by other passengers. While nobody paid me any compliments like "your glasses look great," no one stared at me or looked puzzled at me either. Other passengers treated me as if I was wearing normal sun glasses.

So, the embarrassment of wearing giant VR/AR glasses in public and looking like a cyborg is gone. Flow's design and size are ideal for public wear. I don't know if Flow's design copied or resembled any real sunglass design, but it does look good on me!

2. Shade vs No shade outdoor performance

If you have read my previous review, you would see that it came with four shades in the package of Dream Glass Flow, two bluish and translucent, and two black and opaque.

When I was indoors or outdoors where there isn't too bright, the translucent shades do a great job in filtering the excessive light. When there was a lot of sunlight and got too bright, the black and opaque shades come in handy. See the following recording:

Now, what really surprised me was that even without any shade, FLOW still did a OK job of projecting dark color theme videos. If there is no light in your background, it works really well. That kinda indicates how good the Flow's virtual screens are.

This video is probably one of the worst case scenarios (dark theme video + lights in the background), but Flow still managed to do a OK job:

If your browsing content has a brighter theme, then Flow can do a BETTER job:

3. Why should every airline get one pair of Flow for each customer?

The movie watching and gaming experience was just too good on a flight. I plugged the glasses into my Cloud Computational Box, my cell phone (Iphone 13 pro) and my laptop, and the glasses worked like a champ!

As a result, Flow makes tiny drop-down inflight video screens invented in the 90s and backseat screens covered with food scraps virtually obsolete.

See the following videos recorded on my flight to see what I mean:

The box, or the cloud computation box as they say, runs an Android OS. As they advertised, the battery life of the box is about 5 hours. In my experience, it was about 6 hours and 35 minutes for primarily watching local movies. So I guess if I had turned on the Wi-Fi 6 and watched tiktoks online or used it for conferencing, the BOX battery would probably last 5-6 hours.

The box contains a lot of APPs. I have a few social media and local file players. Like I said before, the Side-by-side 3D videos are amazing. Just try to imagine watching any blockbuster movies in SBS 3D style. Now there are two questions for Dream Glass:

1. How can I convert my regular 2D videos/movies (MP4, one screen) into 3D SBS format (also MP4, but two screens for two eyes) and play them on Dream Glass?

Your customer service said that I could convert and upload any regular 3D videos by myself. OK, I know the upload part but not the conversion part. She tried to explain it to me, but sorry I couldn't quite understand what she said.... I need instructions on how to convert 2D to 3D video.

2. Again, I haven't received any response on how to install my APPs in the Box. Could you send me some instructions too? I know it's possible, just show me how.

4. Cons and Pros of Flow during Travel


  1. The cable connecting the glasses to the Box or device is not so convenient. I would like to know if your future versions will eliminate this cable.

  2. Battery life of the Box could have been better. Maybe switch to a bigger battery?


  1. The Box is a surprise: Open OS, decent storage, WiFi-6, Type-c/USB/HDMI compatible and OK battery life. The Box, coupled with the Flow, have an unlimited number of possible applications. I would like to try navigation and conferencing next.

  2. My in-flight experience was surreal with Flow... As long as I take a pair of Flow on a flight, I would never ever touch the 7'' backseat screen again. (There is a story of me once finding some spaghetti puke on the back of the backseat screen controller, which you don't want to know......)

  3. Ourdoor no-shade screen performance was also a surprise to me. I have no issues wth the screen and graphic quality! Good job Dream Glass!

Lastly, I researched a little bit about the history of Dream Glass, and found her past products also appealing. Again, back to my previous question, could you please transfer some of your 4K Plus & Lead Pro functionalities to Flow? If you could that, I think Flow would have no competition in today's AR glass market.

Overall, my thanks goes to Dream Glass Team for designing and making this incredible product! It has given me a lot of joy for the past few days.

Let me know if any readers have any questions!

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