Dream Glass Flow: Screen Test Review

Dream Glass Flow: Screen Test Review

Bouer Bouer
2 minute read

Hello, I'm happy to do a test review of Dream Glass Flow.

Based on what I have read from other testers, I agree with the majority of what they have said.

There are just three other comments I want to make in this review:

1. Dream Glass Flow is extremely small in size and dimensions. Flow's designers must have used some kind of magic to accomplish this. Hats off! I am very impressed!

2. According to my observations, the virtual screen appears to be about the same size as what was advertised. The following pictures show what I mean:

1) I sat about 3 meters away from my door;

2) There is about a 2.5 meter distance between the pillar and the wall;

The virtual screen from Dream Glass Flow could easily cover the 2.5 meters distance.

Now, a 120 inch TV is about 2.6 meters wide. So, the virtual screen that I saw 3 meters (10-12 feet) away with at least 2.5 meters width is equivalent to a 120 inch TV. 

FYI: The optimal viewing distance for a 120 inch TV is also about 10-12 feet or 3 meters.

3. It was mentioned by one tester that Dream Glass Flow could not be used with Excel.

However, in my case, even without a cover shade, I can clearly see all the details in Excel file from Dream Glass Flow. Here is a screenshot of my captured footage of Flow's screen.

Lastly, a copy of the full test footage was sent to Dream Glass staff earlier. They have uploaded to their support channel. You can view it here:

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