Dream Glass 4K/4K Plus

AR Smart Glasses

Portable and Private AR Entertainment for everyone

90° Ultra-wide FOV

90-degree field of view presents a 200-inch large AR screen just in front of your eyes. Your coolest private movie theater and gaming studio.

90-degree FOV and 2.5K resolution combine the virtual world with the real like never before.

4K Resolution

 4K resolution and super vivid color display immerse you into a stunning digital world like never before.

2D/3D/360° Immersive Viewing

 Switch between 2D, 3D and panoramic viewing freely. Private but also stay connected to the surrounding environment. 

Plug & Play All Devices

A plug & play AR headset with a 200-inch AR screen for all contents, from your smartphone/tablet, game consoles, PC & Mac, drones, and more.

Eye Glasses Friendly

Friendly for users who wear glasses. Ten layers of optical coatings are used to reduce the blue light that fatigues the eyes. 


Dream Glass 4K Plus

For  Upgraded & Professional Experience

Dream Glass 4K Plus has all the functions of the regular 4K Version.  With upgraded ram, ample storage, and extra USB port for accessories, you can connect recording RGB camera, hand gesture cameras (such as Leap Motion), or 6DOF tracking set to it, to bring AR Magic to your project. We have been working with partners from Education, Gaming, Healthcare, and many other industries. 



Kevin received his PhD in physiological optics in 2011 and later worked for both Fortune 500 companies and AR startups. Wanting to take his own approach to augmented reality, Kevin founded Dream Glass in 2016. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his newborn daughter and playing guitar.




Ying received his PhD in mechanical engineering in 2012. He has many years of industrial R&D experience building cutting-edge products from ground up and co-founded Dream Glass in 2016. Ying is a keen traveler and you can find his family’s footprints across the US.



Ty holds a MSc in Game Theory and has been involved in creating unique AR/VR experiences for nearly a decade. He joined the Dream Glass team as Creative Director in October 2016. When not immersed in a world of his own creation, Ty may be spotted kitesurfing underneath the Golden Gate bridge.



Bo obtained his Master degree in Robotics from Johns Hopkins University and has tremendous experience in SLAM and deep learning. His expertise is to deliver robust computer vision algorithms for different platforms and applications. After work, Bo loves photography.

Dream Glass was founded in 2016 by a team of AR enthusiasts who have had over 20 years of optics and computer vision experiences among them. We believe that AR technology should be affordable without any sacrifice in quality.

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