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Dream Glass Flow

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Our Mission

Revolution is coming: the future world will be augmented in 3D with much more fun and possibilities.
DreamGlass strive to bring superpower to everyone, completely change how people work, communicate, shop, and entertain themselves.

"The Dream Glass headset should also have mass appeal, not just because of the price, but because of its compatibility".

"DreamWorld's Dream Glass is a dream come true".

"Watch out, HoloLens".The device claims to offer a 90-degree field of view and a resolution of 2.5K.

"This could put decent AR on the faces of many".

"The Dream Glass should be able of fitting into a broad range of workflows and allow for a wide variety of applications".

Voice of Fans


Picture quality in respect of brightness and resolution from basic technical standpoint referring to the two displays is nice.


I had them on for about 30 minutes and they were quite comfortable and easy to use. BUT, when I looked at clock it was not 30 minutes it was 2 hours.


Have to say. It's very well made. Feels pricey and expensive. This is on my list next. The screen is crisp and flawless especially on 4K content.


Overall I like the built quality, all is in place , no sharp edges, nice wearing comfort. I have to say that the image quality is pretty good.

Dream Glass Flow

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