X. Is there a full online manual for Dream Glass Flow?

Yes, here it is: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFXiF6MWb8/0o62qdOSqnsESEPxmn--Jg/view

1.How good is the gaming experience with Dream Glass Flow?

10+ Early testers have tried our Dream Glass Flow Prototypes. Here are their feedback:

1) they love the big screens allowing them to see details of the games;

2) they feel comfortable wearing the glasses by lying down in bed or in whatever position they feel comfortable, and

3) once they connect to Wi-Fi, they can play their games anywhere they want with fast connection speed.

2.What if I want to play games wearing the glasses outside with natural sun light?

They natural sunlight will brighten the background and making the screen difficult to be seen. However, the glasses come with a pair of black light-proof cover, which would give users a dark screen background even under the sun.

3.How heavy are the glasses? Can I play it lying on sofa or my bed?

The glass is only 2 oz, which is the lightest AR glasses in the market today. And yes, many our gamers said lying on the sofa and wear our glasses for games is probably the best gaming experience they ever had before.

4.Will I be able to use it for watching movies? What move apps are supported?

The answer is yes, of course! Thanks to the built-in OS of the cloud box, the Dream Glass Flow supports almost all major video streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube,Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video, Twitch, and many others. Turn it on and watch your favorite TV shows and movies! You can also connect your phone/PC/Mac to use movie apps on those devices too. You can also connect Dream Glass Flow to Chromecast and Fire TV for movie watching.

5.What if I already wear prescription glasses?

There are convenient knobs at the top of the glasses that can be used to adjust each lens to your prescription (0 to -5.00D myopia). If your prescription does not fall into this range, don't worry, Dream Glass Flow has developed a prescription frame that magnetically attaches to the glasses so that everyone can use.

6.How is the battery life of the cloud computaton box?

You can expect a battery life of 6-7 hours on one charge.