Dream Glass Lead Pro

Dream Glass Lead Pro

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World's First 4K All-in-One AR Glasses. Dream Glass Lead Pro can be used as private cimema, fitnesss coach, gaming companion, working assistant and more.

  • Description

    13M RGB Camera & Unity SDK

    Built-in 13M RGB Camera. Support Vuforia SLAM spatial localization SDK.


    6DOF Tracking Set Supported

    Compatible with Nolo 6DOF interactive suite. Support content software production, broadcast control system, remote rendering, multiplayer interaction, etc.


    Wireless All-in-one AR Glasses

    Wireless AR Glasses with 3DOF bluetooth controller. Totally hands-free with no more phubbing!


    Wirelessly Cast All Your Device

    Support Android, iPads,iPhones, MACs and PCs. Compatible with Apps such as Youtube, Netflix and TikTok, Facebook, and more. 


    Perfect for Indoor Exercise 

    Major fitness Apps such as Peloton & Keep are supported. Move freely with no wires to slow you down. Head Tracking provides surrounding awareness which ensures safety.


    90° Ultra-wide FOV
    90-degree filed of view presents a 200-inch large AR screen just in front of your eyes. Your coolest private movie theater and gaming studio.


    4K Resolution
    4K resolution and super vivid color display immerse you into a stunning digital world like never before.


    2D/3D/360° Immersive Viewing
    Switch between 2D, 3D and panoramic viewing freely. Private but also stay connected to the surrounding environment. 


    Eye Glasses Friendly
    Friendly for users who wear glasses. Ten layers of optical coatings are used to reduce the blue light that fatigues the eyes.