We all have always been wondering, what is the future going to look like? With 5G is rolling out all over the world,  Augmented Reality is becoming the next spatial digital platform, which is going to completely change how we work, communicate, and entertain ourselves. 

Being a pioneer sometimes can be challenging,  because it takes courage to be different. We are looking for leaders like you, who challenge the status quo and make the new rules.

Together, we can push the world forward;  Together, we are seeing the future.


Tired of the tiny screen window of your phone? Dream Glass Lead Plus provides a stunning 200" display, with 2D, 3D, and 360 degree supported. Explore the future in the most natural way, as every digital content is multi-dimensionally presented in front of you, no more phubbing!


Immersive 3D, 4K & Panoramic AR Display

Dream Glass Lead Plus elevates your cinematic experience to a massive 200 inch AR display with a 90-degree FOV that naturally merges augmented details into the real world. Fun or Work, everything will look so real with 3D, 4K resolution and panoramic viewing.  Always dare to dream, with a 4K glimpse of the future.