An exciting product with great potential!

An exciting product with great potential!

D.M. D.M.
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It is a pleasure to be selected for testing. 

Just got my hands on the product a few hours ago. 

Connected the Glasses with the so called "Computation Box" (Box), which is essentially a combination of 3 things: a Glass controller, an Android OS plus a battery charger for the glasses. 

The Box OS interface will appear when the Glasses are connected to the Box. Upon viewing the images, I found them to be extremely crisp and clear.

Having said that, the most surprising thing is the Android market and the number of pre-installed apps that were already available for me to use with these glasses.

For example, I could login to my Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. My glass also lets me start a ZOOM call, which was really cool!

Furthermore, there are a number of streaming apps, shopping apps, and office tool apps available. The OS appears to be an open Android system, where people can simply add their own apps. Unfortunately, some of the APPs are in foreign languages, and I have no idea what they are for. Please avoid including foreign language apps in the future. It's a little confusing to see all those APPs all over the place.

Here is my cell phone recording of the OS (uploaded by Dream Glass Support):

Lastly, please send me some instructions about how I can add additional APPs to my list of APPs. Thank you!

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